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Earthwise Products

Earthwise is a selective national group of window manufacturing fabricators who produce the same high quality vinyl window system. This alliance of fabricators is called the Earthwise Group.The group was formed with the purpose of creating a national identity within the window industry and combining production, distribution and marketing strengths.

If you are looking for quality windows that are made in the USA EarthWise Windows are the dependable choice. Dan’s custom windows look for the best way to save their customers money. There is no better custom window company to choose for installing your windows. We use EarthWise windows because of their Lifetime Manufacturers and Good Housekeeping seal. Also, Earthwise windows will save you on your energy costs for your home. Dan’s custom windows for replacement windows Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky looks forward to sharing with their customers the value that Earthwise products has to offer with their exceptional design, pricing and energy efficiency. Whether or not you are looking for remodeling or reconstruction these products are designed to fit perfectly after your previous window is removed. High quality energy efficient windows is a must when looking to save on your bills and Dan’s Custom windows will ensure that all of their products that they provide to their customers will in return save them money.

Service Areas

Dan’s Custom Windows is located in Indiana. They have proudly served Indiana as well as the tri-state area. Cincinnati is no stranger to Dan’s Custom Windows services and traveling to Kentucky is no problem as well. We take pride in our customer service and 100% satisfaction from our customers throughout the process of replacing windows. Contact us for the best service and deals on replacement windows for your home!

What We are about

Dan’s Custom Windows is a window service for replacement windows Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky. When to replace your windows is the key…know what to look for and what are the underlying factors in improving your replacement windows. There are plenty of reasons to get replacement windows the two main reasons are for design purposes, energy efficiency and modern designed windows. What are the signs to look for when deciding to replace your windows? Aesthetic issues are the usual first response when deciding that there is a need for replacement windows. Any physical damage to the original window can make your home look unappealing. Not only is the attraction difficult to look at but cracks, chipping and any other damage can make matters much worse like water damage! Because of these issues along with the performance of the windows other issues like having air entering in or out of the house will arise, making it noticeable on your energy bill.

Types Of Replacement Windows

Check out all of Dan’s Custom Windows options for the many types of replacement windows Cincinnati to your liking and meets the needs for your home. When choosing between double-hung windows and single hung windows it comes down to a preference. Double hung windows can be opened from the top and the bottom and the sashes also tilt in so it is easier accessibility to clean. A single hung window has a top sash that doesn’t tilt in. Choosing between these two options will be dependent on how accessible you would like your windows to be when cleaning dirt and dust.

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